Creating the Perfect Backyard Environment

Your backyard is an extension of your living space ideal for dining, relaxing, entertaining, cooking and most importantly spending time with family. In order to create the perfect backyard environment you have to consider the function, the light and the overall layout and use each area wisely.

Pool Area

The enjoyment of your space is often dependent on the way the sun falls. For example, if you have a pool, sunlight is a welcome element as it provides a natural way to heat the pool and keep people warm while they enjoy a refreshing dip. In this case, you need a touch of shade for those who are not swimming. Pergolas are perfect for providing shade poolside as they can be placed over a seating area with a table and chairs so people can sit and enjoy refreshments. If there is a structure nearby you can also add a retractable awning if you prefer. This way you can open it when you require shade.

Protection from the Elements

If your backyard has direct sun exposure then it is a good idea to install a fixed retractable awning.

This motorized fixed awning with retractable roof will be perfect above a seating area with garden furniture outside your patio doors. If closed, it will allow you to bask in the sun or, if opened, provide shade when the sun becomes too overbearing.

This fixed retractable awning is also perfect above the barbecue so you can open it when it is raining. A gazebo is ideal to offer a permanent structure that will be shaded and provide a pleasant place to entertain as well as enjoy family meals. You can also add window awnings to tie your home into the garden as well as to keep your back rooms shaded and cool. In some areas, you may require protection from the wind. Windscreens can make sitting outdoors more comfortable as well as make it easier to dine al fresco.

Garden Features

A lovely finishing touch in a garden is a pergola, which allows you to have a shaded area. They are perfect for garden accents such as grape vines and rose bushes. As well pergolas can be highlighted with lovely fabric for a voluminous design accent that offers an ethereal touch of shade from the harsh sun. This is an ideal place for garden furniture, hanging plants, and elegant urns filled with cascading ivies and flowers.

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