Commercial Fixed
Retractable Awnings

Quebec Premium Commercial Fixed Retractable Awning

Discover Attico, the epitome of sophistication and resilience in outdoor shading solutions. Proudly designed and manufactured in Quebec by Ombrasole, this motorized, fixed retractable awning is tailored for the modern commercial landscape. Attico is the perfect addition for medium to large terraces across a variety of businesses including restaurants, bars, hotels, and public dining areas.

Custom Made in Montreal

Designed and Manufactured with Pride in Montreal, Quebec

High-Quality Prime Materials

Sturdy Aluminum Made in Quebec and the best from Uutdoor Fabrics brands.

Solid Service & Guarantees

15-years Warranty on both the Aluminum Structure and Fabric Canopy.

Seamless Maintenance

The retracted canvas tucks away inside an aluminum cover hood, eliminating the need for seasonal maintenance.

Attico: A Motorized Fixed Awning For Patio, Spa, or Terrace Throughout The Year

Attico's robust construction assures enduring resilience against diverse weather, making it a reliable and long-lasting investment for your business. Its elegant design not only augments the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor areas but also offers a functional advantage, creating a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for your customers. Make Attico a part of your business's journey towards creating memorable outdoor moments.

Robust Structure & Innovative Design for Commercial Durability

The Attico boasts a structure crafted from extruded aluminum, elegantly finished in sleek black and enhanced with stainless steel accessories. This robust framework, rigorously engineered for the demanding North American climate, is backed by a 15-year warranty, assuring long-term reliability for businesses. Its innovative central aluminum beam includes a cutting-edge gutter system, expertly designed to prevent water accumulation in expansive, multi-section installations - a vital feature for large commercial spaces.

Customizable Coverage for Versatile Business Needs

Understanding the diverse needs of businesses, The Attico offers customizable coverage. Each section spans up to 14 feet and operates independently, providing flexibility in use and layout.

The motorized mechanism ensures ease of use, a crucial aspect for busy commercial environments. The canvas extends an additional 3 feet beyond the curve for extensive shade and protection, with width options starting from 10 feet to any required modular width. This adaptability is key for businesses aiming to optimize their outdoor areas.

Superior Fabric Quality for Professional Standards

Choose from an array of over 25 colors in high-quality vinyl material, ensuring the awning aligns with your business's branding and aesthetic.

The material is 100% waterproof, flame retardant, and comes with a 15-year warranty against discoloration, ensuring longevity and sustained appearance. The Serge Ferrari vinyl canvas offers robust protection against all weather conditions, essential for maintaining a comfortable and safe outdoor environment for customers.

Versatile Weather Protection for Year-Round Use

The Attico is designed as a 3 or 4 season awning, adaptable to various weather conditions through slope adjustment. Side and front curtains made from Serge Ferrari mesh material provide up to 70% protection against sun, rain, and wind.

This feature is crucial for maintaining a comfortable outdoor space for customers, without compromising on visibility and air circulation. For businesses in areas prone to insects, the mosquito netting system option enhances customer comfort. Integrated side gutters with side curtains ensure efficient water management, a critical aspect for maintaining a neat and safe commercial outdoor space.

Convenient Operation for Efficient Business Operations

Operate The Attico awning with the push of a button, a feature that redefines convenience and functionality in commercial settings. This ease of operation is invaluable for businesses, allowing quick adjustments to the outdoor environment with minimal disruption, ensuring a consistently pleasant experience for customers.



Attico Commercial Fixed Rectractable Awnings FAQs

Whether you're considering enhancing your business's outdoor area with The Attico or you're an existing owner aiming to optimize its utility and benefits, this section is your go-to guide.

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