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Enhancing Montreal Homes with Ombrasole Awnings, Pergolas, and Outdoor Shelters

Montreal's unique combination of urban sophistication and love for the outdoors makes it a prime market for high-quality outdoor living solutions.


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2024 Trend in Montreal: 100% Aluminum Motorized Bioclimatic Pergolas

In the ever-evolving landscape of home improvement and outdoor living, a groundbreaking trend is set to redefine how Montrealers experience their outdoor spaces in 2024. The introduction of the 100% Aluminum Motorized Bioclimatic Pergolas, specifically the Eolo Star model, is a game-changer for residential settings, offering a perfect blend of…

Multiple awnings to choose from: a wide range at Ombrasole

Having a beautiful, sturdy, effective awning to cover up an outside area at your home or to add a little flair to your business is a great investment that will pay big dividends down the road. If you are in the market for one, trust the experts at Ombrasole to…

4 Reasons to Buy Your Awnings Locally

It’s hard to find true quality products these days. We are so often drawn to big-name manufacturers and outlets because of the convenience, and often we sacrifice quality and durability in doing so. All OmbraSole products, such as the ATTICO Terrace Awnings, are built to withstand the tests of time because…

Tips To Create a Finished Backyard Space

There’s nothing better than a good old fashioned summer barbecue. And while we all want to have the perfect space for outdoor entertainment, landscaping a backyard can be daunting. It can be especially difficult for those who are doing the work themselves, or are starting from scratch. Not to mention…

Turn your Empty Backyard Space into a Family Environment

Many people have backyards that often remain unused, especially during the colder months. However, with a few simple additions, you can turn that empty looking space into a perfect outdoor area for your Sunday brunch, barbecue or family get-together.If you’ve got a backyard, it’s time to use it to its…

Retractable Awnings Can Help Reduce Your Energy Bills

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption, retractable awnings are a great idea. Not only do they help protect your home and family from the sun, but their cooling effect also reduces the amount of energy used by your air conditioning system during the summer.Awnings placed…

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