Motorized Outdoor
Retractable Screens

Motorized Retractable Outdoor Curtains & Blinds

Introducing the TCL Motorized Retractable Curtains and Blinds, Ombrasole's cutting-edge solution to outdoor comfort and privacy. Designed with precision in Quebec, these motorized screens are your shield against the sun's glare, unexpected rain, and unwelcome insects. Transform your patio into a serene haven where UV rays and prying eyes are kept at bay, and where entertainment and relaxation are uninterrupted by the elements. Ideal for families, the TCL curtains provide a safeguard for children against mosquitoes and wasps, allowing for undisturbed outdoor dining and leisure.

Custom Made in Montreal

Designed and Manufactured with Pride in Montreal, Quebec

High-Quality Prime Materials

Sturdy, High-Quality Materials For Superior Durability, Locally Sourced

Solid Service & Guarantees

10-Year Warranty For Serge Ferrari's Mesh Fabric, 15-Year Warranty on the Structure.

4-Seasons Effortless Storage

Stress-free from storage. All of our solutions are made for 4 seasons.

TCL: Innovative Outdoor Roll Blinds For Your Patio, Balcony or Terrace

Revel in the luxury of controlled natural light, and enjoy your digital screens without the annoyance of reflections. With TCL, your patio becomes a seamlessly integrated extension of your living space, ensuring every moment spent outdoors is nothing short of perfection.

Superior Construction

Designed and manufactured exclusively in Quebec, featuring black painted extruded aluminum structure and hood, which keeps the canvas protected, eliminating the need for seasonal storage.

Customized Material Options

Choose from Serge Ferrari Mesh or Suntex materials for optimal insect, sun, rain, and wind protection, complete with a 10-year limited warranty against discoloration.


Tailored to your specific requirements, with widths ranging from 10' to 15' and heights from 84" to 105".

Reliable Somfy Motorization

Experience the convenience and renowned reliability of Somfy motors, backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

Simple Locking System & Windbraker

An intuitive locking system ensures stability once the screen is lowered. A strategically placed windbreaker at the bottom of the curtain mitigates wind disturbances.

User-Friendly Design

Unlike traditional zipper systems, the TCL’s design allows for easy repositioning of the fabric within the side tracks by the customer.


TLC Motorized Outdoor Screens FAQs

Whether you're looking to create a peaceful retreat or a vibrant entertainment area, these FAQs are crafted to assist you in optimizing your patio or deck with Ombrasole's TCL model.

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