Utility Winter

Protect Your Business Entrances with our Custom-Made Winter Shelters

Introducing Ombrasole's Custom-Made Winter Shelters, specifically designed to safeguard the entrances of your business during the harsh winter months. These shelters provide a practical, elegant solution for keeping your commercial entrances clear of snow and ice, ensuring a safe and welcoming access point for customers and employees alike.

Awnings Custom Made in Montreal

Entirely designed and crafted in our Montreal factory; A promise of rapid delivery and installation.

High-quality Resistant Materials

Constructed with rust-resistant extruded aluminum and stainless steel fittings.

Fast Service & Solid Guarantees

15-Years Guarantee on Serge Ferrari Vinyl Fabrics.

Effortless Storage, No-service Required

Our designs are winter-proof and self-storing for effortless upkeep.

Commercial Custom Winter Shelters

Ombrasole's Custom-Made Winter Shelters for commercial use, are more than just a seasonal necessity; they are an investment in your business's functionality and aesthetic appeal. Protect your entrances with style, safety, and sustainability this winter with Ombrasole.

Commercial-Grade Durability: Ombrasole’s Robust Shelter Design

Ombrasole's Winter Shelters are built with commercial-grade materials, ensuring they can withstand heavy snowfall, ice, and winter winds. Our shelters are designed to endure the rigors of a commercial setting, providing reliable protection season after season.

Bespoke Aesthetic Appeal: Tailored to Your Brand

Recognizing the importance of brand image, Ombrasole offers customizable shelters to align with your business aesthetics. From selecting materials to choosing colors and styles, our shelters are tailored to enhance the visual appeal of your commercial entrances.

Simplified Installation: Efficient and Secure

Efficiency is key in a business setting, and our winter shelters are designed for quick and secure installation. This hassle-free setup ensures minimal disruption to your business operations, offering an immediate solution to winter weather challenges.

Multi-Functional Use: Extending Your Commercial Space

Beyond protection, Ombrasole Winter Shelters can serve as an extension of your commercial space. Use them for additional storage, an outdoor reception area, or simply to provide shelter for customers during inclement weather in outdoor areas.

High-quality & Resistant Materials

Our entrance shelters and canopies are made of natural aluminum and vinyl canvas. Serge Ferrari's vinyl covers protect against sun, weather and snow.


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