Residential Patio Sun Shelter

A Compact Charming Evergreen Patio Sun Shelter

Introducing the Pergolina Patio Sun Shelter — Ombrasole's charming little Pergola, tailored for those who seek stylish yet efficient sun protection in cozy outdoor spaces. Crafted with finesse in Quebec, this customizable awning integrates seamlessly into small patios, balconies, or garden settings. With the Pergolina, indulge in a personal haven of comfort, safe from UV rays and light rain, assured by the renowned durability of Serge Ferrari materials.

Its sophisticated, manually-operated retractable system promises a harmonious blend of luxury and practicality, perfect for enhancing your outdoor enjoyment.

Awnings Custom Made in Montreal

Entirely designed and crafted in our Montreal factory; A promise of rapid delivery and installation.

High-quality Resistant Materials

Constructed with rust-resistant extruded aluminum and stainless steel fittings.

Fast Service & Solid Guarantees

15-Years Warranty on Fabrics, 15-Years Warranty on Aluminum Structure.

Effortless Storage, No-service Required

Our designs are winter-proof and self-storing for effortless upkeep.

Pergolina: A Modern Contemporary Patio Sun Shelter

This meticulously designed, retractable awning serves as an oasis of tranquility for your small patios, quaint balconies, or vibrant gardens. With its inception and craftsmanship rooted in the expertise of Quebec's finest, the Pergolina stands as a testament to superior quality and local manufacturing prowess.

The Pergolina Awning is more than a shade solution; it is a durable, stylish, and functional adornment that promises to transform your outdoor areas into a year-round haven of comfort and beauty. Choose the Pergolina for a blend of modern innovation and timeless charm, solidifying the value of your serene outdoor escape.

Locally Crafted

Designed and produced entirely in Montreal, Quebec, using only the best materials for superior quality.

Structure durable et raffinée

Un cadre robuste en aluminium extrudé peint en noir offre une garantie limitée de 15 ans, assurant une fiabilité et une durabilité pour les années à venir.

Toit rétractable

Le système de toit rétractable convivial fonctionne avec une manivelle et une corde manuelle, permettant une ouverture et une fermeture simple et sans effort.

Auto-Locking Mechanism

Features an innovative auto-blocking system that secures the roof when fully opened. The roof smartly retracts accordion-style under a discreet cover hood, eliminating the hassle of annual storage.

Optional Decorative Curtains

Enhance your space with optional side curtains for added privacy and elegance, available with crank or roller operations.

Resilient to Weather Shifts

The Pergolina's aluminum structure is built to withstand drastic weather changes, offering long-term value and peace of mind.


Pergolina Patio Sun Shelter FAQs

Step into our dedicated FAQ section for the Pergolina Patio Awning, your resource for informed decisions about enhancing your personal outdoor spaces.

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