Staying away from harmful UV Rays under Awnings and Pergolas

As much as we look forward to the warm sun of summer, we still have to remember how harmful the sun’s UV rays are even with short intervals of exposure. If your backyard has exposure to the sun you should consider adding protection so family can enjoy being outside without the worry of sunburn.

Here are some of the benefits of awnings, pergolas, and gazebos:

Relief from the Heat

Although it is nice to feel the sun on your face, on those extremely hot and humid days most of us are seeking relief from the heat. A garden pergola is the perfect answer to have a shaded area where you and your family can sit to relax and stay cool. A retractable pergola is ideal to add a decorative touch while providing a practical solution for much-needed shade. You can place dining or lounge furniture within the protected area so that you can eat or simply relax without worrying about the heat.

Avoiding Sunburn

Sunburn can cause terrible pain and permanent damage to your skin. In fact, the more serious a sunburn, the more risk you are at developing skin cancer down the road. When you have just one sunburn that leads to blistering as a child it can double your risk for skin cancer. Five or more cases of sunburn in your life will also double your risk for developing skin cancer. It makes sense to add more shelter from the sun on your property to protect your family from sunburn. Affordable and attractive pergolas and gazebos come with U.V protection fabric, to block out the harmful rays of the sun.

Following the Sun

When considering where to place awnings, gazebos, or pergolas on your property follow the sun and see how it falls throughout the day. The sun’s rays are the most harmful between 10 am and 4 pm. Therefore, you want to ensure that areas of your yard that have sun exposure during this time of day have access to shade. Fixed retractable awnings are often a preferred option as they allow you to keep the awning retracted to provide sun to your kitchen or living room when you are not at home. You can then open the awning and lower the fabric till the ground when you wish to sit or play outside with your children. Areas that are not exposed to the sun before 10 am and beyond 4 pm are not in as much need for shade.

Proper Materials

Keep in mind when ordering or purchasing any form of fabric pergola or awning that it must be made of UV protective fabric. If fabrics are not properly treated even if it seems like you are sitting in shade you can still be exposed to UV rays. The acrylic canvas, used in OmbraSole’s awnings, pergolas and other outdoor products, can filter up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, making it the proper material for your backyard shade.

Proper Shade

Shade provided by trees and even some umbrellas might not provide you with the proper protection required. If you have shade in your yard provided by trees, you are not always 100 percent protected from UV rays. As well most sun umbrellas will not provide you with sufficient shade especially when located near a pool where light can be reflected up into your face. The direction of the sun, reflective surfaces such as water, mirrors, and even light-colored stone can all change the effectiveness of shade coverings. Keep in mind the larger the shade covering the more protection you will have from the sun. Adding side panels will also assist in adding extra protection against glare.

Fixed retractable awnings and patio retractable awnings are excellent protective options near your home and outdoor structures. Gazebos and pergolas offer a freestanding option you can use anywhere in the yard.

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