Mosquito Nets & Four Seasons Balcony Curtains

Now that summer is over, you are probably already thinking of disassembling your outdoor mosquito nets that have been protecting you throughout the warm summer months. We all know that these nets are essential especially for houses located in the countryside near lakes and ponds, where mosquitos and flies are more likely to be.

However, more and more city homeowners are requiring mosquito net systems for their windows and doors on the patio or terrace since more children are becoming allergic to mosquito bites. No one would want their child being stung especially if they live far from a hospital or medical center. We not only have to watch out for mosquitoes, but also bees and wasps, that seem to always be around during a nice outdoor family dinner.

Now with OmbraSole’s very own patio net system, you can enjoy the outdoors with family and friends with the peace of mind you deserve. Whether it is protective nets attached around the house or on independent structures such as retractable awnings, fixed retractable awnings, and pergolas, OmbraSole is able to provide you with an easy setup and removal system. In addition, you can choose the fabric you prefer according to your tastes and style. Don’t let mosquitoes, flies, and bees ruin a nice summer outdoor gathering anymore!

On top of it all, OmbraSole has got you covered during the colder months as well. During the winter, you won’t need to protect yourself from bees and mosquitoes, but instead the snow and cold winds. Four-seasons balcony curtains are perfect for the winter months to enjoy the outdoors and your balcony all year round. At OmbraSole, you have a choice of acrylic, vinyl, or even transparent material. Once again, the choice of fabric is up to you and your taste; you can even coordinate the colors with your kitchen cabinets and decide to either have your 4 seasons curtain with or without windows, depending on your privacy needs. Balcony curtains and awnings on your patio or terrace are an easy and less expensive way to make an extension of your house.

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