Garden Furniture: Custom-Made in Canada vs. Imported and Mass-Produced

It’s quite common for people to think that buying a custom-made garden furniture set manufactured in Quebec is much more expensive than one that is mass-produced and imported from a foreign country like China. However, OmbraSole is best known for its high quality, unique European design, and affordable outdoor furniture with special features that common store-bought products don’t have. View the comparison below:

Surviving Harsh Winters

All too often we find garden furniture sets at supermarkets like Costco that are generic, mass-produced, and imported from foreign countries. Many consumers do not realize that the quality of the materials used by these imported manufacturers cannot resist our harsh Canadian winters. It will then be required to find a space in your shed or garage to store the furniture during the cold winter months. What a hassle!

However, OmbraSole’s custom-made outdoor furniture is made with painted aluminium that can resist the harsh North American climate, allowing them to stay outdoors throughout the colder season. All that needs to be put away are the cushions, unless they are properly wrapped in vinyl slipcovers that are made to withstand winter weather.

One of a Kind

When it comes to buying furniture at stores like Costco, it’s very common for many friends and family to pick up the same patio set. Many homeowners are looking to have a unique patio set that will ‘wow’ their guests.

The experts at OmbraSole make sure that each garden furniture set is one of a kind. They are all manufactured right here in Quebec with the highest quality of recyclable materials.

On top of this, the aluminium can be painted any color you so desire, allowing them to match your home, awning, or window frames.

Discoloration & Stain-free

Many homeowners worry about fabric discoloration or those stubborn stains that always seem to occur at family gatherings. With store-bought patio furniture sets, the fabrics are known to discolor quite quickly due to the sun or other natural causes, and stains caused by food or drink are hard to remove. It happens all too often at BBQ gatherings where ketchup, wine, or tomato sauce seem to land right on your brand new furniture set.

OmbraSole’s solution? OmbraSole uses Sunbrella’s acrylic fabric that offers a choice of 300 color schemes and a 10-year warranty guarantee against weathering and discoloration. On top of this, your cushions can be coated with a special product that can make them impervious to liquids such as juices, wine, and other beverages that are the main causes of spotting. If you’d like, you can even buy this liquid yourself and do it at home as you please.

We’ve all been there where you’ve asked your guests to have a seat and only redden with embarrassment once they spot the big wine stain or you realize they have the same set as you.

Finding outdoor furniture that can last all year long, that is stain-free, that is one-of-a-kind AND affordable can only happen at OmbraSole. Visit us today!

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