Custom Made Awnings In Montreal, Our Style Makes The Difference

Awnings Custom Made in Montreal

Entirely designed and crafted in our Montreal factory; A promise of rapid delivery and installation.

High-quality Resistant Materials

Constructed with rust-resistant extruded aluminum and stainless steel fittings.

Fast Service & Solid Guarantees

Enjoy a 5-year warranty on the structure and an extended 10-year warranty on the fabric.

Effortless Storage, No-service Required

Our designs are winter-proof and self-storing for effortless upkeep.

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For Commercial Terraces, Patios

Boost outdoor business appeal with Ombrasole's Commercial Awnings. Custom-designed for style, durability, and functionality – ideal for enhancing customer outdoor experiences.


For Home Patios, Gardens & Balconies

Transform your home's outdoor space with Ombrasole's Residential Awnings. Customizable, stylish, and durable, they offer the perfect blend of comfort and elegance for any patio or deck.

Discover Ombrasole: The Leading Choice for Awnings and Pergolas in Boucherville

Ombrasole stands at the forefront of enhancing Boucherville’s outdoor environments, offering a premier selection of awnings and pergolas. Our commitment to superior craftsmanship, innovative design, and long-lasting quality distinguishes us as the top selection for elevating the appeal and utility of outdoor spaces.

Enhance Your Outdoor Experience in Boucherville with Custom Awnings

Crafted with precision, our awnings are designed to meet the unique environmental demands of Boucherville. Offering a broad range of styles from automated retractable to fixed awnings, we ensure the ideal solution for your home or business needs. Beyond providing essential protection, our awnings serve to refine your property’s aesthetic.

– Bespoke Designs: Configurations tailored to your distinct tastes and requirements.
– Premium Materials: Selected for their robustness and ability to withstand Boucherville’s weather conditions.
– Expert Installation: Carried out by our proficient team, guaranteeing a flawless integration.

Transformative Pergolas in Boucherville: A Luxurious Extension of Your Outdoor Space

Our pergolas redefine outdoor living, merging artistry with functionality to turn your outdoor area into a luxurious retreat. Ideal for both homes and businesses, they offer an elegant space for relaxation or entertainment, significantly enhancing your property’s atmosphere.

– Elegant Architectures: A diversity of designs to align with any outdoor setting.
– Durable Framework: Engineered with materials for supreme durability and stability.
– Personalized Adaptations: Tailored to conform to your space’s specific dimensions and style.

Ombrasole’s Distinction in Boucherville for Awnings and Pergolas

– Insight into Boucherville Trends: A deep understanding of the local landscape and architectural preferences.
– A Pledge to Quality: Commitment to employing only the finest materials and craftsmanship.
– Dedicated Customer Support: Our promise to achieve absolute client satisfaction with every endeavor.

Reach Out to Ombrasole for Unmatched Awnings and Pergolas in Boucherville

Revitalize your outdoor setting with Ombrasole’s exceptional awnings and pergolas. Contact us to learn how we can customize our solutions to fit your needs, and let us contribute to the enhancement of your Boucherville property.

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