Why Home Owners Are Choosing To Go With a Fixed Retractable Awning

If you have been seeking the perfect solution to help control the weather in your backyard, a fixed retractable awning might be the answer. Fixed Retractable Awnings require minimal work for installation and offer the best of both worlds: perfect flexibility and convenience.

The Benefits of Fixed Retractable Awnings

Here are a few of the benefits of the fixed retractable awning:

  • A fixed retractable awning is extremely low maintenance. Unlike a canvas gazebo, there is nothing to take down in the winter months. You can simply keep the awning retracted when not in use in the winter. This also means less storage space taken up in your shed or garage.
  • Fixed retractable awnings work using a remote control. This makes it easy to use them when you are in need of protection from the sun or want to enjoy the feel of the sun on your face or let the sunlight enter your home when retracted. They can also be used all year long depending on the choice of the canvas.
  • They provide privacy with the choice of adding integrated side curtains and a transparent front so you don’t lose the views of your pool and garden.
  • Fixed retractable awnings are also a feature that will increase your home’s value. It adds additional square footage to your usable living space without the need for costly renovations or building projects.

Best Canadian Awning Manufacturer

Attico Fixed Retractable Awnings are exceptionally constructed using sturdy aluminum and stainless steel materials with a specialty paint coating. These materials can withstand harsh climates, making them ideal for Canadian winters. They include a revolutionary gutter system that prevents water from pooling in the center so you can safely use them when it is raining. They also use a wind blocker tube system to prevent ballooning if the wind picks up. You are not only protected from the elements but from pesky insects with a revolutionary mosquito netting available on three sides and the roof. The awning itself offers a number of choices including three season Sunbrella acrylic canvas. It is not only designer-friendly but also water-repellent and filters up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. For four-season use, you can opt for Ferrari vinyl. Widths are available starting at 7′. The projection of 32 feet is quite unusual for fixed awnings giving you ample space and protection from the elements.

As you can see, the fixed retractable awning allows you to adjust your surroundings, making it comfortable despite the weather.

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