Why buying pre-made retractable awnings from Costco isn’t always the best option

When you decide to enhance your home or business with a retractable awning, there is some important information that you need to know before making your decision. There is much variation when it comes to the quality and reliability of currently available retractable awnings.If you’re tempted to purchase your awning online or at a large retailer such as Costco, there are several reasons why you should think twice, and consider buying from a local manufacturer instead.

Structure and Material Quality

Many pre-made awnings from large stores are traditionally made with low quality materials that make them structurally weak. Don’t take risks with your safety when it comes to your retractable awning. By buying from a local awning specialist such as Ombrasole, you will be able to properly assess the quality of the awning’s construction and materials by seeing and touching it before you buy.

Colour and Size Choices

With a custom-made retractable awning from Ombrasole, you can choose the best colours and sizes for your needs from a wide range of available options. Mass produced pre-made awnings are limited in their color and size choices. Since they are pre-made according to standard looks and dimensions, these awnings will not stand out, which is especially important for a business.

Delivery Service and Guarantees

When you buy an awning locally from Ombrasole, you can trust that it will be delivered quickly and installed by experienced, qualified technicians. If you need replacement parts or service, we guarantee that they will also be provided promptly. These details are not always guaranteed when buying pre-made awnings from large stores.

Trust Ombrasole for your Custom Retractable Awnings

In addition to quality design, materials, and a wide variety of customization options, Ombrasole awnings are also highly effective at protecting against the sun and bad weather. With our 5-year guarantee backed by our experience and dedication to customer service, we are your first choice in retractable awnings in Montreal.

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