Should you leave your Retractable Awning open or closed during the Winter?

OmbraSole offers stunning, high-quality awnings ideal for Canadian homes with many choices designed to allow you to get optimum use from your backyard. However, due to the volatile nature of Canada’s weather, you should be aware of the proper care and use of your awnings during the winter months. If you have recently purchased an awning for your home, you might be uncertain if you should be leaving it opened or closed during the winter months. Here are some basic tips for winter use and care for your awnings:

Fixed Retractable Awning

If you have a fixed retractable awning such as the ATTICO model, there is little need for seasonal maintenance. This unique model is designed to help you get the most out of your awning and outdoor living even in inclement weather conditions. You can use it all year long as it is designed to withstand additional weight caused by precipitation and even light snowfall. This applies to fixed retractable awnings with a four-seasons vinyl cloth canvas, which can safely be used in the winter. The fixed retractable awning has a pronounced slope allowing snow to slip off easily. As well, the special wind tubes can easily support the snow accumulation. To be safe and to ensure the longest life from your awning, remove the snow that does accumulate. Snow removal should be done from the outside, not the inside, to avoid damage to the fabric. You can simply keep your canvas retracted when not in use and it will remain well protected when stored in its rigid aluminum cover hood.

If you have an acrylic roof, you can simply keep your canvas retracted when not in use, and it will remain well protected when stored in its rigid aluminum and stainless steel cover hood.

Terrace Awning

If you have opted for a terrace awning such as the Capriccio, these awnings are designed for the warm and sunny weather of Italy. However, they have an ultra-modern design that many Canadian homeowners find appealing, especially during the hot and breezy months of the summer. Many people prefer the look of the terrace awning despite the fact they are not made for the harsher weather of Canadian winters. If you have a terrace awning, they are fine in light, infrequent rain. However, snow accumulation on a retractable awning roof will cause damage. Models such as the Capriccio must be closed during the winter months to avoid the added weight of snow accumulation.

In addition, when the Capriccio awning is closed in the winter, it is not rolled up like other awnings but instead closes like an accordion. This then leaves the fabric subject to bad weather, dirt, and heavy winds.

During the winter months in Canada, winds can be very strong and sometimes can reach 100 km/h. Due to these strong winds, the canvas can begin to sway, thus creating loud unpleasant noises. It should also be noted that tearing of the canvas can also occur with these powerful winds.

Whether you have a terrace awning or fixed retractable awning, you will find they last the harsh winters when cared for properly.

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