Madisons New York Bar & Grill: How Ombrasole’s red awnings transformed this restaurant’s look

Business awnings are all the rage nowadays. As mentioned in our previous blog, they add a certain charm and elegance to a storefront. Restaurant awnings are not only chosen for a nicer look but they are also quite useful over patios or terraces. Restaurant owners choose OmbraSole awnings for their enterprise, just like the owners at Madisons New York Bar & Grill, to transform their look and expand their terrace.

Restaurant Terrace Awning

As a restaurant owner, your seating can help dictate how much revenue you can generate. A smaller restaurant is limited to how many people can be served daily. The addition of a patio or terrace allows you to up the ante on the amount of people you can seat and therefore ups your revenue potential. A terrace awning raises your opportunities even further as it provides an outdoor shelter that can be used rain or shine. Add some outdoor heaters, and your outdoor space is operational for all but a few months in the dead of winter.

Madison’s: Point in Fact

Madisons New York Grill & Bar, a favorite restaurant among Montrealers, have updated their outside look and feel with the use of awnings. This popular grill and bar is even more welcoming with the addition of bright solid red awnings all around the restaurant. Terrace awnings, window awnings, and simply decorative canopies have been put in place to transform the look of this franchise, adding a fun and charming appeal for passersby, all the while maintaining their amazing hospitality, ambiance, and food. Not only have they made their bold new look recognizable from a distance and created a lasting impression on visitors, but they have also extended their dining area outdoors by enlarging their terrace with an awning. This is just one example of how an awning can help transform a business.

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